Sedir Mobilya

About Us

Our company has been in furniture business since 1970 by offering quality and delecation service to their customers. Sedir Furniture includes Sedir Showroom (3.500 m2) we manufacture our product by using latest technology in our factory. Sedir Furniture operates intotal 10.500 m2 square meter area.

We use best quality materials and labour in our factory (total 6000 m2), our varnishing house (total 500 m2) to achieve highest level of desing and technology, in order to present our company in international furniture market. Our all products, which are designed by Sedir furniture, have their own patent. Our office and home furnitures are manufactured by using finest quality wood, fabric, leather and also combined with first class labour and service. We also provide service support after purchase to ourcustomers.

We started our furniture business by manufacturing only home furnitures, after having many years of experience and quality products, we now produce office furnitures, design interior of hotels very competitivelyin furniture market. We also produce furnitures which are specially designed by our customers on request. Al these services are provided to our customers, as a result of our hard working and creative design and machinery department.

Sedir Furniture family are created, experienced, well educated and professional personnel. Sedir improves their rival in international furniture market.

We export our products to England, Australia, Germany, Dubai, Suudi Arabia, Georgia, Nigeria and Azerbaijan.